The 10 Rules of Productivity for Real Estate

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How many times have you started your day by checking emails and when you finally looked-up from your computer, realized half the day has gone by?  Or maybe it’s getting sidetracked by unexpected tasks and putting out fires that keep you running around all day only to return home exhausted to realize you didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as you set out to.  It happens to us all from time-to-time; we stray from being productive, to being busy.  If we allow this to happen too often, it can lead to feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and eventually to burnout.

At Buffini & Company, we encourage our clients to continually prioritize and schedule their daily tasks to ensure certain “non-negotiables,” like lead generation, always get accomplished.

Download the 10 Rules of Productivity for Real Estate to help you avoid falling into the “busy” trap.