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5 Of The Best ‘Brian Buffini Show’ Real Estate Financial Podcasts

In today’s competitive marketplace, real estate professionals need expert financial guidance more than ever before. Podcasts can be phenomenally informative and helpful but, with so many options, it’s difficult to find one that fits your needs. Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going, “The Brian Buffini Show” is designed to easily fit into your busy day. Hosted by Buffini & Company chairman and founder Brian Buffini, this inspiring and educational weekly podcast provides financial advice, personal growth tips, the latest market trends and ground-breaking interviews with thought-leaders. Here’s a list of our top five financial episodes that will give your business a head-start:

The 3 Threats to Wealth — No. 293
Money is like a gas that will always find a way to leak—no matter how much you make, you can always spend more! In this episode, I explain how to deal with three major issues that can threaten your financial wellbeing. You’ll learn why a budget is so important, why you need to get on the same economic page as your partner and why investing in yourself is the greatest way to combat inflation.

Take Control of Your Financial Future With Chris Hogan — No. 208
In these uncertain times, it’s incredibly important to be in control of your money. In this episode, I interview finance expert Chris Hogan about how to take care of finances in the current economy. You’ll discover how to save money while paying down debt, why the stock market is set to rebound and how to get prepared for when the economy starts to recover.

Lessons From the Legends — A Q&A With Our Most Successful Clients on Finance — No. 180
In this live studio session, I answer financial questions on air from long-time Buffini & Company members and insiders. I share how to put a financial plan in place and stick to it, how to invest in real estate and how to use debt strategically.

Know Yourself, Know Your Money — An Interview With Rachel Cruze — No. 294
Understanding yourself is essential to understanding the way you handle money. In this episode, I interview personal finance expert Rachel Cruze about her new book, “Know Yourself, Know Your Money.” Rachel shares why understanding your own behaviors and beliefs will help you to take control and handle your finances better.

Developing a Knack With Money — No. 150
In today’s culture, many people find themselves endlessly struggling to manage their finances. They work more just to spend more and, as a result, end up where they’ve always been—trapped! In this episode, recorded live at a Buffini & Company event, I share ideas and principles to help you make a quantum leap in your finances, get ahead of the game and escape the economic rat race for good.

If you want to learn how to manage your money and start your journey toward true financial freedom, make sure you tune into “The Brian Buffini Show” every week!

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