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5 Real Estate Agent Coaching Tips for 2021

Last year was filled with unique challenges that no one could have anticipated. We adopted the phrase “social distancing”; turned the home into an office, school or gym; and added masks to the list of things not to forget when rushing out the door.

The way that real estate agents conducted business changed dramatically as well. Digital meetings and virtual tours became the norm, while in-person showings came with increased cleaning protocols and safety procedures.

In 2021, the path forward for real estate agents will certainly be shaped by the challenges of last year. To help agents navigate this new normal, Buffini & Company real estate coaches are sharing a few critical tips on how to commit to exceptional customer service, productivity and lead generation.

Build Your Professional Network

Many Americans are moving more than two hours away from their current city due to remote work opportunities. This means that real estate agents will need to focus on building relationships with other professionals across the region, state and nation to exchange referrals for any clients planning a move outside of their service area.

Connect With Clients on the Fence

Consistently check in with folks in your database who have expressed an interest in potentially buying or selling. Historically low interest rates plus an inventory shortage are making the market quite attractive for buyers and sellers, so if your clients are in a good financial position, it doesn’t hurt to reach out about possibly entering the market.

Identify Clients’ Comfort Levels

As the world works through the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of your clients will have different comfort levels when it comes to in-person contact. Buffini & Company real estate coaches advise agents to have an honest conversation before an appointment to identify and meet clients’ needs.

Set Fixed Office Hours

Transitioning to an at-home office has led many agents to feel like they’re on the clock 24/7. To increase productivity and avoid burnout, set consistent business hours and stick to them! Communicate these hours with clients via your website, social media or voicemail message, so they know when to reach you.

Commit to Days Off

Make the most out of your days off to feel more refreshed. Use your down time to recharge your batteries by taking walks in nature, trying a new workout or even reading a great motivational book.

To achieve major breakthroughs in your business this year, get a real estate coach! Buffini & Company One2One coaches help real estate professionals confidently navigate any market while maintaining their productivity, lead generation and customer service.

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