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5 Tips for a More Organized Real Estate CRM

When schedules get busy, it’s easy to neglect your real estate CRM. However, your real estate CRM is the heart of your business—and an out-of-date contact list or overflowing to-do list makes it difficult to know where you’re at with your lead generation. By taking some time to get your systems in order, you create a more organized, profitable business that runs smoothly.


Check out these five tips to help you get your real estate CRM in order so you can set yourself up for a successful end of the year.

Sort and Qualify Relationships

This should be a top priority within your real estate CRM. Go through each relationship and check in with a call. Determine how likely this client is to refer you to others, and rank them accordingly. While this may be time-consuming, sorting and qualifying your database is the best way to make sure you’re marketing to the right people and spending your time efficiently.

Input Your Goals

The best CRM software should include space for income and lead generation goals so that you know what you’re working toward. If you’ve already created income goals within your CRM, see if you need to make any updates or adjustments to those goals. Buffi ni & Company Referral Maker® CRM makes this easy with an entire section devoted to your goals.

Complete Your Daily To-Dos

Your real estate CRM should populate daily lead generation tasks for you to complete, giving you an idea of what needs to be done that day to stay in line with your goals. For example, Referral Maker® CRM shows your to-dos as soon as you log into the platform. Make sure you’re staying on top of these. It may seem obvious, but with so many distractions during the day, these can be easy to skip over.

Update Your Tracking

If you aren’t regularly logging your real estate lead generation activities into your CRM, you won’t be able to track your progress. Be consistent about adding new relationships to your database and updating your CRM when you send a client a personal note or chat with a new lead.

Take Advantage of the Mobile App

If your CRM has a mobile app, take some time to set yourself up. Get familiar with the different features, and consider watching tutorial videos. This will allow you to master every part of your real estate CRM so you can take your lead generation on the go.

Take some time to get your real estate CRM organized and you’ll find smooth sailing for the rest of the year. Looking for a program that makes it easy to stay on task? Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM works like a productivity tool that helps you exceed all of your business goals. Start your free trial today!

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