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Negotiation is arguably one of the most important skills a real estate professional can possess. In this episode of Peak Producers you’ll learn the 7 types of negotiators, the attributes of a professional negotiator, and how you can negotiate like a pro with anyone.

Share it with your new agents wanting to fast-track their success.  Or with your seasoned pros who want to sharpen their skills. Whatever the case might be, Peak Producers will help your team generate more leads and close more sales!

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About Peak Producers

In 12 weeks, Agents are averaging

How Peak Producers works

  • 12-Week training
  • Watch Video Training Every Week
  • Share ideas with other students
  • Generate leads by completing weekly activities
  • Track progress & see your results
  • Celebrate your success

What’s Included?

  • Peak Producers Kit – A Student Kit with all the marketing materials and resources you’ll need to become a Peak Producer.
  • Referral Maker™ CRM – Buffini & Company’s brand-new customer relationship management tool. Sort & qualify your database, track your action steps and more!
  • Online Resource Center – A robust Online Resource Center with resources, marketing materials and additional video modules to help you operate at a peak state.

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