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Building Relationships to Build Your Business

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Buffini & Company’s 100 Days to Greatness® helps Virginia real estate professional keep up with clients

By Emmy Wildermuth

In 2020, Remi Blackburn discovered a new passion for helping people find their ideal home. After a series of events led her down the path to becoming a licensed REALTOR®, Blackburn joined the team at Norfolk, Virginia-based OWN Real Estate, a brokerage dedicated to providing exclusive opportunities to residential buyers.

At the precipice of her new career, Blackburn wasn’t entirely sure how or where to start. Fortunately for her, OWN Real Estate offers agents educational resources from Buffini & Company to help new agents through their journey.

“Taking classes with Buffini & Company was like a cheat sheet on how to do the business and do it right,” Blackburn says. “The classes tell you exactly what to do each week, depending on what your goals are.”

With the right tools, Blackburn was able to find her footing and quickly excel. Blackburn notes that she often sees new agents default to cold calls as a way to acquire clients, but rather than start from scratch, Buffini & Company encourages those new to the industry to build on a base that already exists through relationships.

“Buffini & Company tailors their training to your inner circle and completely rewires the way you think about things. Once you start implementing the Buffini way, it just kind of bleeds into your life,” says Blackburn, who is passionate about growing and maintaining relationships with her clients far beyond the sales process.

“I love talking to and helping people, so helping them find a home that makes them really happy makes me happy,” says Blackburn. “I want to build those relationships and have those relationships for life.”

Practices learned through the Buffini & Company system help Blackburn work toward this mission. In fact, Buffini’s methods of maintaining relationships through social media posting, note writing and pop-bys help Blackburn differentiate herself and remain top-of-mind throughout her community.

“Once I started writing notes, I saw how my relationships grew,” Blackburn says. “It helped me keep those relationships with people and with past clients. And eventually that’s how referrals came in, too.”

Not only did the experts at Buffini & Company cater Blackburn’s training to her goals, they also oriented lessons and teachings to her busy lifestyle.

“It’s catered to how you are, how you work your life, how busy you are, and if you have kids or not,” Blackburn says.

With the ever-changing schedule of a mother of two, Blackburn’s persistence, drive and ability to schedule are essential to maintaining her business—and Buffini & Company offers her the tools to create a path to success without sacrificing her passion for her family.

“If I didn’t have a schedule of ‘This is what I’m doing today, this is what I’m doing tomorrow, and this is my goal for the week,’ I’d be scrambled and all over the place,” Blackburn says. “That’s what Buffini & Company has helped me with.”

Blackburn attributes a lot of her success to methods learned from the Buffini & Company system, specifically their 100 Days to Greatness® program.

“I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t taken 100 Days to Greatness®,” says Blackburn, who encourages new agents or those who haven’t seen the success they desire to look to Buffini & Company for guidance.

“I have had friends who are agents and have been in the business longer ask me what I’m doing differently. And I always recommend Buffini,” Blackburn says. “Just take a course. It will change your life.”

For more information, please visit www.buffiniandcompany.com/100days

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