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Check In With Your Business Goals: Mid-Year

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Whether you made a clear plan or kept your goals broad, it’s time to touch base and see how you’re doing. In this hot real estate market, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day activities and lose touch with why you’re putting in all that hard work. Reviewing and assessing your goals can help you reconnect with your “why” and adjust to stay on track!

Use this goal setting worksheet to recalibrate your focus and reconnect with your goals mid-year. An effective check-in requires you to R.E.A.D. — Review, Evaluate, Assess and Design your goals so you may form a clear plan to achieve them.

Need a little more guidance along the way? Get a coach! Buffini & Company offers a real estate coaching program for agents seeking a thorough business plan with side of accountability. Sign up for a complimentary coaching and see all that One2One Coaching™ has to offer by calling 1-800-945-3485 x2

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