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Companies in San Diego Celebrate Corporate Wellness at March Fit Company Challenge

By PR Web on March 27, 2017

Over 250 participants from companies in San Diego trained and participated in 3 different fitness courses hosted by the Fit Company Institute. The challenge allowed companies to use fitness as a team building activity and highlight the positive impact that living healthy has had on them and their companies.

On March 11, 2017 over 250 participants from companies located in the San Diego California area took part in the Fit Company Challenge, a corporate wellness event hosted by the Fit Company Institute. The challenge provided area companies an opportunity to come together as a team and spend a morning exercising, pushing their physical and mental limits and showing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Participants worked in teams of 3 to 4 towards completing a variety of fitness stations to challenge their fitness level and earn points for their company. Teams chose what level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) to go through each course which allowed participants of all fitness levels to push their physical fitness without going too far out of their comfort zone.

In their 1st time participating in the challenge, ICW Group took 1st place overall bringing out over 40 team members to conquer the Fit Company Challenge. “Health & Wellness is an integral part of ICW Group’s culture, and our active participation in the Fit Company challenge further fueled team member enthusiasm,” said team captain David Wallace, Director of Accounting at ICW Group. “In fact, several participants have revitalized their efforts to get moving again, and their renewed excitement for fitness has in turn, sparked similar activity throughout our company!”

In their 2nd year competing, Reliant Funding came in 2nd place overall and 1st place in the Medium Group. “We love participating in the challenge each year,” said Adam Stettner, CEO of Reliant Funding and a participant in the challenge. “It’s just a fun day to get out, get moving and bond with co-workers in a team building environment.”

LeaseLabs came in 3rd place overall and 2nd in the medium division, and had a blast participating in their 2nd Fit Company Challenge. From Anitra Negrete, Associate Vice President of Culture, “This event has become a LeaseLabs annual tradition! We love participating because everyone is able to compete regardless of fitness level and we had an amazing cheering section which was made up of our LeaseLabs team members, families and of course, our dogs!! We can’t wait for next year!”

On event date, with the help of over 50 volunteers assisting the contenders from NXPT Fitness Studio (http://www.nxptfit.com), participants challenged their strength, conditioning, power, agility, and ended with a test of endurance to show their companies and colleagues that they practice what they preach. Participants used their involvement to bring out company team members, and family members to cheer them on and promote the importance of having fun and effective corporate wellness programs at their companies.

The challenge was held at the Nobel Athletic Fields, located a short drive from downtown San Diego.

The following is a list of the top finishers in San Diego that participated in the 2017 Fit Company Challenge:

Top Finishers – Overall

  1. ICW Group
  2. Reliant Funding
  3. LeaseLabs
  4. Buffini & Company

Top Finishers by Medium Division

  1. Reliant Funding
  2. LeaseLabs
  3. Buffini & Company

About the Fit Company Institute, LLC:

The Fit Company Institute is based in Austin, Texas and is dedicated to help companies thrive through wellness. The Fit Company Challenge helps companies be their best by creating the most productive, focused, energetic, happiest, and cohesive teams possible.

Find more at http://www.fitcompany.com and upcoming events in Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, Asheville, Atlanta, Philadelphia, DC, Boston, and Nashville.

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