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Does Your Real Estate CRM Put Client Connections First?

If you’re not standing out, you’re blending in. You’ve probably heard some form of this adage before—and it holds especially true in the real estate world.

Ads are everywhere, and people are tuning them out by default. Traditional and online methods of advertising just aren’t going to cut it in an oversaturated marketplace. While these tactics may be part of your lead generation strategy, they won’t be enough to sustain the entire operation.

To generate quality leads in your real estate business, you need to really stand out. Instead of hammering potential customers with online banners and flashy offers, look for ways to build authentic connections to turn these leads into clients for life.

Believe it or not, many of these connection efforts begin within your real estate CRM. It’s called a customer relationship management tool for a reason! You’ll always stand out when your real estate CRM puts client connections first with these key features.

Communication Tracking
To build lasting connections with clients, you need communicate strategically! Your CRM’s dashboard should keep all your touchpoints front and center, tracking any calls you made, emails you sent or notes you wrote. This way, you always know who you already reached out to and who you need to call next.

Email Management
Not every email needs to be a sell. In fact, the opposite should be true. Send value-add emails with helpful tips on the real estate market, financial management and even some life hacks. Make sure your CRM has an easy, built-in way to send personalized, value-add emails, while tracking analytics.

Relationship Rankings
This concept is huge in the Working by Referral system, which focuses on relationship-building. When you rank your relationships based on how likely they are to refer you, it’s easier to know who should receive the most of your time and energy. A great real estate CRM should have a system for ranking leads in this way to help streamline your marketing.

Video Messaging
Video is one of the most personalized ways to get in touch with clients when you can’t get face-to-face. Look for real estate CRMs that allow for easy video messaging so you can level up your text communications. Ideally, you’ll want to integrate videos into your emails and send/track video message sent via text.

Prioritizing client connection is the best way to consistently generate high-quality leads. If you’re looking for a real estate CRM to help you put relationships first, check out Referral Maker CRM from Buffini & Company. This productivity tool helps you track communication, manage emails and more. Plus, the new Video Messaging add-on lets you include videos right into your emails. Try Referral Maker CRM for free.

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