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Focusing on the Fundamentals

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As a 16-year veteran coach with Buffini & Company, Vice President of Coaching David McGhee uses his passion for real estate education to impact and improve the lives of people, following the company’s mission statement.

“Buffini & Company has clearly defined core values,” says McGhee. “We live what we teach and practice what we preach.”

For McGhee, coaching is often misunderstood and mistaken for training and mentoring. And though both forms of improvement and education are valuable for real estate professionals, only coaching can truly draw out natural skills, increase capacity and help agents live up to their potential.

“In today’s market, particularly as it continues to shift, agents need to ask themselves: Do I have the skills necessary for the changing market? If not, they should focus on training and mentoring. If the skill set is there, but they aren’t living up to their full potential, I think it’s important to get a coach,” he says.

Over the past few years, the real estate market has been constantly shifting, complete with rising interest rates and inflation. However, McGhee insists that this is normal. For newer agents, these changes are likely something they’ve never experienced, but for veteran agents, even though they’ve been here before, skill sets have changed.

McGhee offers three tips for real estate professionals seeking success in this shifting market:

  • Realize that this is nothing new. Shifts have occurred before, and the market will continue to change.
  • Take the emotion out of it and focus on the fact that people still need a place to live and will continue to buy and sell homes.
  • Make sure you get the right training to brush up on the necessary skills needed for this changing market.

“From a real estate perspective, it’s not all doom and gloom,” says McGhee. “A professional who is focused on the fundamentals will thrive in this changing market. The people who are going to suffer are the ones who don’t improve their skills or their own personal and professional development.”

So, how can a real estate professional utilize real estate education, training, mentoring and coaching from Buffini & Company to improve their skill set and grow their business?

“Our 100 Days to Greatness® training program is great if you’re looking to get back to the fundamentals. If you simply need to bone up on things you’ve forgotten, our Pathway to Mastery® program would be the way to go,” McGhee shares.

At Buffini & Company, not only are coaches doubling down on helping clients achieve new levels of success and weather the storm, but leadership is also laser-focused on helping real estate professionals.

“From an education standpoint, I believe all agents should be subscribing to Brian Buffini’s ‘It’s a Good Life’ podcast,” says McGhee. “Brian is our chairman and has a unique ability to forecast what’s going to happen. A lot of agents get caught up in what the clickbait is saying, but Brian is going to paint an accurate picture.”

No matter what, determining exactly what you need is a critical first step.

“If you’ve got the fundamentals in place and you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Buffini & Company will take your natural skills and abilities, morph our system to how you are naturally wired, coach you as a person and help you build the business that you want to build,” concludes McGhee.

For more information, please visit www.buffiniandcompany.com/bc.

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