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Go From Busy to Productive With These Simple Tips

In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, everyone is busy, but very few are productive. Busy people try to do a million things at once, but they usually end up with very little to show for it. Productive people, on the other hand, apply the kind of concentrated effort that gets results. With so many tasks demanding their attention every day, the best real estate agents develop the kind of laser-sharp focus that’s required to be truly productive, not just busy. Here’s how.

Narrow Your Focus
Busy people have difficulty choosing what to focus on. They’ve got so much on their plate that they never complete any one task to the best of their ability. Productive people prioritize. They set clear goals and then narrow their focus to get to where they want to go. When you’re crystal clear about what you want to accomplish, you will use your time for what’s really important and become more productive as a result.

While busy people tend to overcomplicate things—and often get bogged down as a result—productive people simplify. The key to keeping things simple and achieving more is to identify what’s really essential and then eliminate or delegate the rest. When you simplify, you concentrate your energy, and you get far more done in far less time.

Do you know how you spend your time? Most people overestimate what they get done in a day, when the reality can be very different. If you want to be productive, you have to keep track of exactly how much time you devote to each activity—and how successful your results are. Tracking your activity like this gives you the ability to manage and improve your productivity. When you know where your time goes, you can see what works and what doesn’t and then adjust your course accordingly.

Get a Coach
As well as helping you to narrow your focus and find where you may be overcomplicating things, a good coach will be your accountability partner. He or she will hold your feet to the fire, keep you on track to achieve your goals and celebrate every win with you. Getting a good coach is one of the most important things you can do to become more productive.

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