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Growing Relationships Through Referrals

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Buffini & Company helps Georgia real estate professional take her business to the next level

By Emmy Wildermuth

Reponzell Morris—an associate broker with RE/MAX Around Atlanta—has always been passionate about people. After stepping away from the corporate world in 2002, Morris knew she wanted to do something that allowed her to work face to face with a variety of personalities.

For this very reason, Morris fell in love with the world of real estate. Although her natural ability to create relationships quickly proved beneficial, she was unsure how to channel her talent into a clear system.

That’s where Buffini & Company came in.

After hearing Founder and Chairman Brian Buffini speak at an industry event, Morris was sold on the company’s mission.

“[Brian] talked about setting up your business by referral,” says Morris. “He talked about having systems in place to run your business, and I realized that I didn’t have any systems in place. I was relying on happenstance to get my clients.”

Shortly after, Morris shifted her business structure to focus on what she cares about most: people. Rather than relying on cold calls for lead generation, Morris enacted Buffini’s practice of business by referral.

“The more people you work with who know you, trust you and like you, the more they will refer you to people who they know, like and trust,” says Morris. “It gives you credibility right off the bat.”

Buffini & Company equips their members to take these referrals and grow them into a community. From tools such as Referral Maker® CRM to methods such as pop-bys and constant contact, Morris has utilized Buffini & Company’s teachings to cultivate sustainable relationships with each and every client.

“I did some form of contact every single month,” explains Morris, “and it kept on building up my relationships.”

These points of contact reminded Morris’ clients—past and present—that she is never too busy for referrals.

“They know I’m here,” says Morris. “If people don’t see you, they forget about you. So [these practices] keep me top of mind.”

Much to Morris’ content, these client relationships grew into lasting friendships.

“It allows you to meet people you probably wouldn’t have met,” continues Morris. “It has been the biggest plus for me that I get to meet amazing people and make lasting friendships.”

Beyond helping her form connections with clients, Buffini & Company has also put Morris in contact with other like-minded real estate professionals. Whether she’s learning trade secrets, or giving and receiving referrals from this nationwide network, Morris can trust these connections.

“I am confident knowing that these agents are going to take good care of my clients,” says Morris. “And they know that I’m taking good care of their clients on this end when I receive their referrals. That is a gamechanger.”

Morris’ investment in Buffini & Company has returned to her tenfold. In fact, her business now operates 95% on referrals, enabling her to focus her energy on caring for her clients rather than generating leads from scratch.

“The knowledge and training are invaluable,” says Morris. “When I receive referrals, it pays for my coaching and events for the whole year.”

With the help of Buffini & Company’s expert team, Morris has honed her natural tendencies into a fine-tuned set of skills that have allowed her to run a high-functioning business.

“If you want to get your business to the next level, you have to have a system,” says Morris. “For me, Buffini & Company is that system. It teaches you consistency. It teaches you how to follow up. It teaches you how to stay top of mind with your clients.”

For more information, please visit https://www.buffiniandcompany.com/bc.

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