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How Coaching Can Help You Lead Your Team to Greater Success

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Creating a real estate team offers many opportunities for growth and diversity. Individual agents on the team can have specialized niches while still benefiting from the team structure and support. Team members can share referrals, enhancing visibility and reputation in the market. A strong team can be a powerful force, creating more success and fulfillment for all its members.

Great leaders know that the way for their team to stay successful in a constantly changing market is to never stop learning and improving. Hiring a coach can help leaders stay encouraged and motivated, allowing them to reach higher financial and professional goals. They will then be able to use that training to help make their teams stronger and more profitable as well.

Goal Setting
We all know that setting goals is critical to improvement. Having a thoughtful, clearly laid out plan helps you stay focused, motivated and on task. A coach can help you set goals that are SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. This gives you direction, with measurable milestones, and keeps you accountable.

When you’re a coach, you will be able to identify any weak spots in your team and discover new strategies and tips on how to overcome them.

Support and Accountability
Your coach should offer encouragement and support but also challenge you when warranted. An impartial observer can help identify your blind spots and offer you techniques to overcome them.  And knowing there is someone you are accountable to will keep you focused on your goals. A coach can shake you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to pursue new ways of thinking and doing.

The Power of Connection
It can be overwhelming to be the one responsible for all of the team’s decisions. Joining other industry professionals is a great way to connect, brainstorm on new ideas and be inspired.

Buffini & Company Team Coaching™, for example, offers a monthly mastermind group—the 7 Figure Club—LIVE™. This highly interactive broadcast gives leaders a one-of-a-kind opportunity to synergize and gain invaluable insights from the best team leaders in the business.

Facebook groups are also another way to network with like-minded professionals. Buffini & Company has several exclusive groups where members connect, ask questions and share success stories and best practices.

Benefits of Buffini & Company Team Coaching
Working with a Team Coach will help you set a vision for your team and discover the tangible solutions you need to reach your goals. It will also support you by offering training to your team in the powerful method of working by referral so that each member can close more sales and make more money.  Your coach will meet you where you are today and help you to build your dream team so that you enjoy a better quality of life, with more time off for family and friends.

Team Leader Conference
One the highlights of this year will be the Buffini & Company Team Leader Conference, to be held  Tuesday, Sept. 13 and Wednesday, Sept.14 in Phoenix, Ariz. The conference will feature an extraordinary speaker lineup of the very best leadership professionals in the industry. Sessions will focus on how to be an effective team leader and includes a dynamic, timely coaching presentation with master motivator and industry legend, Brian Buffini, chairman and founder of Buffini & Company.

Sign up today and get ready to be inspired from these powerful leaders as they share strategies and techniques to help you take your team and your business to the next level. Click here for more information and to claim your seat.

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