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How Team Leaders Can Take Advantage of the Current Real Estate Market

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As a real estate team leader, you have an extraordinary opportunity in front of you. As the market fluctuates and many agents become stuck or worse, leave the industry, you can take the opposite approach. You can take charge right now and positively influence the direction of your team’s future. By proving that you are a strong, capable leader and setting a great example, you will inspire your team so that they can generate more leads and close more sales.

Assess Where You Are Right Now
It’s important to first assess your team’s overall structure, goals and metrics. What types of training and mentorship do you offer now? What kind of support does the team get? Are there systems lacking? Are there enough administrative staff in place so agents can focus on prioritizing lead generation? What accountability measures are in place?

Real Estate is Now a “Pro’s Market”
Brian Buffini, the legendary founder and chairman of Buffini & Company, stresses that now more than ever, it is a “pro’s market.” Only those who have sharp, enhanced skills will succeed in this shifting market, he believes.

You may find as you assess your team’s position, some members may need additional real estate training or coaching. You may find that you would benefit from some as well. This does not mean you are weak or ineffective. Rather it shows that you value the importance of continuing to learn and grow and that you are committed to doing what it takes to strengthen your team.

Over the past few years, the market had been so hot that agents did not need to have as highly developed skills as they will need now. As the market continues to swiftly change, it is important that everyone’s skills going forth are top-notch.

Working with a team coach can take some of the pressure off. A great coach will serve as a real estate mentor and partner who will give honest assessments of members’ strengths and weaknesses. They can help you create a game plan with recommendations for each member. They can help you create winning, effective strategies for lead generation, closing more deals and earning more income while also having time off. Look for a coach that has years of experience in coaching through every type of market condition.

Go Back to the Basics
Participating in a program such as Buffini & Company’s 100 Days to Greatness® is an excellent choice for everyone on your team. New agents will learn the basic fundamentals of how to become an effective, successful professional. And the more seasoned agents will get a refresher on the important skills that they may have not had to fully use over the past few years.

Want to see your team not just reach all their goals this year, but surpass them? We’ve got you! today for a free Business Consultation to learn more.

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