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How to Use Your CRM to Close More Real Estate Deals

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Your CRM is one of the most powerful tools to have in your real estate arsenal. To close more sales now and in the future, you need a reliable way to stay organized and generate quality leads – a topnotch real estate CRM can help you do just that. By taking advantage of all that a great CRM has to offer, you can productively manage your business, streamline your focus and maximize your client communications. Keep reading to find out how it all works.

What Exactly Is a CRM?
CRM stands for client relationship management. Think of it as a one-stop information database where you can access all of your marketing, sales and communication info on one platform. A CRM can help you track interactions and data about current or prospective clients while keeping you organized and productive. It is an incredible tool for simplifying your business processes and, ultimately, increasing your sales.

How a CRM Can Propel Your Real Estate Career
When you find a solid CRM and leverage all it has to offer, you can build, manage and sustain strong relationships with both leads and clients. Here are four ways the right CRM can help you attain optimal results:

  1. Manage Your Contacts
    It can be difficult to juggle multiple leads and clients at once. Without a proper system in place, you run the risk of losing out on one as you struggle to keep track. A CRM allows you to organize all your contacts in one place. Look for one that also lets you rank each person in your database based on how likely they are to use your services or refer you to others. This allows you to easily track which current or prospective clients should be getting the most of your attention.
  1. Market Like a Pro
    A stellar CRM will enable you to market smarter not harder. You’ll be able to easily schedule, send and track all of your campaigns, helping you generate leads and gain loyal clients for life. Find a real estate CRM that allows you to send bulk emails and track what is (or isn’t) working, empowering you to communicate effectively with your contacts. Some even have the option to create the marketing assets for you!
  1. Makes Your To-Do List
    Staying on top of your to-do list is a breeze with the right CRM. Seek out a CRM that will create action steps based on your goals and current progress. You can get daily action step reminders, view your list of priorities and see your schedule. A reliable CRM can help you take control of your day and boost your productivity.
  1. Stay on Top of Your Goals
    Get the accountability to achieve your goals with a CRM that lets you set daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. No more guessing whether you’re on track! A CRM that reminds you about your goals on daily basis will help you stay the course. Your CRM can also tell you how productive you are each day. With this information on hand, you can see where you’re at and what you need to do to succeed.

A real estate CRM can take your business to new heights! To stay organized and close more deals, start using Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM today. This powerful yet easy-to-use real estate CRM offers the features, tools and insights needed to achieve lasting success.

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