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Learn to Reconnect With Your ‘Why’

If your real estate business hit a few bumps during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. This year hasn’t been easy for anyone, and there may have been times when you felt like changing careers entirely, wondering why you got into real estate in the first place.

We’ve got news for you: You can get back on track! In order to get back on the horse and find your motivation once more, you must reconnect with your “why.”

Your ‘Why’ Is Your Purpose

Your “why” is what drives you. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning to do the work that you do. Of course, you can be passionate about your job—that’s always a plus!—but typically, there is a deeper motivation for choosing to spend your days in this business. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to lose sight of that during tough times.

Defining Your ‘Why’

Your “why” isn’t just the dollar amount you wish to make this year. Instead, it’s the reason you want to make the cash. Perhaps you are saving up for the kids’ college funds, a plentiful retirement or a vacation home to spend more time with your family. A good education, financial security, quality time with family—these are all strong motivations for any business professional. To arrive at your own “why,” start by asking yourself some questions. Go deeper than just finances and material items. What is it you want to do with the income you earn? What is the ultimate goal for your business? Write these down in a journal to help you arrive at a clear picture of your “why.”

“To arrive at your own “why,” start by asking yourself some questions. Go deeper than just fi nances and material items. What is it you want to do with the income you earn? What is the ultimate goal for your business?”

Keep Your ‘Why’ Top of Mind

Once you know why you want your business to thrive, keep those motivations top of mind. There are a few ways to put your goals front and center. Create a vision board with pictures of your dreams and goals and hang it where you can see it. You may also consider journaling regularly to sort out your thoughts. Make sure you consistently consume personal growth podcasts and books to stay inspired and motivated on your journey. You may also look into a real estate coach to remind you of your “why” during tough spots in your career.

No matter how difficult things are for your business, reconnecting with your “why” is absolutely necessary to keep moving forward. At Buffini & Company, our real estate coaches make your “why” a top priority. They help you identify your major goals and keep you on track when you’re feeling stuck. To see what Buffini & Company One2One Coaching can do for you, sign up for a free business consultation today.

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