Master B2B Networking

10:33 video

How often have you referred your clients to tradesmen, contractors, lenders, or title reps? If you’re like most real estate professionals, you want your clients to have the best possible experience so you refer them to other professionals you know and trust.

One of the most powerful relationships you can foster is that of other business owners you refer. The key is reminding them, or even teaching them, to refer you also. Our Certified Business Coaches encourage Buffini & Company clients to make business-to-business networking a major source of referrals.

Check out the vintage video of Brian Buffini above and download the Hidden Sources of Wealth Worksheet and the dialogue provided to help you easily strike-up a conversation with fellow business owners about Working by Referral.

If you would prefer to download the pdfs you can click here to get them both in a zipped file.