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Real estate networking tips to keep close in 2020

Real estate networking tips to keep close in 2020

For some people, networking with other real estate agents is fun and exciting. For others, it’s absolutely terrifying. But while real estate networking may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be! When you go into a real estate event with a solid strategy, you’ll plant some seeds and start to build relationships with talented agents across the country who may send you some referrals down the line.

Next time you attend a real estate event, remember these networking tips to confidently connect like a pro:

Be an inch wide, but go a mile deep

Instead of scooping as many business cards as you can, focus on connecting with fewer people at a deeper level. Nikol Adamski is a Buffini & Company coached real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona. Her coach encouraged her to commit to this approach several years back, and it’s a strategy she takes to every Buffini & Company event she attends. Read full article.

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