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Setting a Foundation for Your Success as a New Agent

Real estate is the greatest business in the world, but it’s not always easy. It can be tough to get started. There’s a high turnover rate and it takes an enormous amount of commitment to succeed. As a new agent, your first 100 days in the industry are when you must establish the solid foundations for a strong, long-lasting business. Here are the top foundational elements new real estate agents must build to kickstart a career and achieve lasting success.

Implement an Effective Lead Generation System As a new agent, you must find—and then stick with—a proven business system that allows you to prioritize your day and focus on the activities that drive your business. Top-producing agents know that working by referral is the only system that sustains a business well into the future. Working by referral is all about providing a consistent level of contact with and care for your customers and building lifelong relationships with them. When you develop strong bonds of trust with clients, they will refer you widely. This means that you’ll always have a steady stream of high-quality leads and be able to work with people you like.

Create Loyal Clients When you’re launching your career, you should concentrate on creating a few loyal clients and then generating their referrals. If you go above and beyond to consistently exceed the expectations of the people in your core database, they’ll be more likely to promote you and send high-quality referrals your way. Eighty percent of your future business will come from 20 percent of your customers, so tap into your sphere of influence to create a database of folks you know and enjoy working with and then reach out consistently to really connect and strengthen the bonds between you.

Basic Transactional Skills As a new licensee, you need to learn special skills to close sales and handle the most common buyer/ seller issues, such as how to present a price reduction option if it’s in a client’s best interest. Traditionally, you’d have to learn this on the fl y, but with the right real estate training program, you can hop on a much clearer pathway to success. Look for step-by-tep programs that demonstrate skills like showing a house professionally and conducting the perfect pre-listing appointment.

Managing Time and Money A solid financial strategy is vital if you want to avoid the most common money mistakes in the industry. As a new agent, you need to get a plan in place to make sure you can pay your taxes, pay yourself and fund your business. Although the freedom that comes with working for yourself is incredible, it can also be very challenging, so a solid schedule and a proven system to leverage your time, money and energy and create a winning mindset are crucial.

If you don’t have a set structure or system in place within your first months in real estate, you can quickly lose your way and never gain the momentum you need to advance. With the right training, the industry can give you incredible financial and emotional rewards and set you up for huge opportunities in life. Buffini & Company 100 Days to Greatness® is the most comprehensive, step-by-step real estate training program ever created. This course guides you through proven systems to launch your career and be successful in just 100 days. Register today to get started.

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