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The Key to Growing Your Real Estate Business: Connecting With Past Clients

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While there is no indication that housing prices will level off, it is likely that real estate sales will slow down in the summer months. Use this downtime to your advantage by reviewing your database and reconnecting with your former clients.

Satisfied customers are an incredible source of future sales and referrals – especially in today’s hyper competitive market. Referred business comes with a built-in level of trust that can shorten the gap in building a business relationship. Leverage these techniques to turn past clients into new opportunities.

  1. Brush up on your communication skills

You’ve probably heard, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” All relationships are best approached with positivity and when kindness is at the forefront of your communication, it is easier to open closed doors.

If your first two quarters were heavy on conversations fueled by negotiation, you may need to revisit your communication skills and adjust your style. Choose to connect with your past clients with words that focus on “we” versus “I,” so they are reminded of the positive experience they had working with you.

  1. Review your notes

Before you reach out, take a thorough look at your client’s record to see if there is a natural reason for you to contact them. For example, if it is close to a birthday or other life milestone – it is a great reason to send a card. Perhaps you noted they are an avid sports fan and can choose to connect on their favorite team’s victory.

If your database is slim on notes, you can (and should!) reach out to share timely updates on market changes or just say “hello.” Make this your starting point to log each client interaction in a reliable customer relationship management system so that you always know what to say when reaching out to clients.

  1. Update clients on market changes

A great way to reconnect with former clients is to provide timely updates about today’s market. By sharing information relevant to real estate or home ownership you become their trusted expert and are top of mind when they are buying or selling a property.

If you already send a monthly mailing to prospects, you can simply add your former clients to this mailing list. Remember to add a handwritten note with the first mailing to acknowledge that you lost touch with them and that you are looking forward to bringing them back into your community.

  1. Host a client appreciation party

Everyone loves a good party! It’s a fun and festive way to connect with your clients and reconnect with your past clients. With a little bit of preparation, you can plan a memorable experience that’s sure to get your clients talking.

Planning your next client party can be a breeze. Be sure you a working at least a month in advance of the event date and have a strong plan to follow up with your guests!

People love to be thought of and when you make the move to reconnect, it can bring joy to their day.  Considering that 75% of buyers would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others*, it’s clear that reconnecting with past clients is a smart marketing tactic.

Working with a coach is an effective way to refine your business plan, refresh your communication skills and have the confidence you need to stay accountable and reach your goals. Buffini & Company’s One2One Coaching™ includes private coaching calls, a monthly marketing kit and a user-friendly CRM to keep your client notes organized.



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