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Top 3 Ways to Connect With Clients to Generate More Leads

There’s a powerful method that real estate professionals can use to increase their leads, and it’s called the “stacking effect.” This method allows you to grow your client database through repeat business, leads and referrals. By building upon your current relationships, you’ll generate new leads without having to resort to cold calling. It’s an excellent way to achieve and maintain a thriving, profitable business.

How to Incorporate the Stacking Effect

Leveraging the stacking effect means constantly connecting with relationships. But how do you stay connected, even after the transaction is complete? Here are three ways you can incorporate this principle into your business plan:

1. Deliver value monthly. Stay top of mind for your clients’ real estate needs by sending out monthly mailers or eye-catching flyers with current market trends, home improvement ideas or lifestyle tips. Consider emailing a complimentary piece with helpful information your clients can use and easily reference.

2. Check in with clients. Get in touch with your top people in meaningful ways, like writing personal notes, making a phone call, sending a video message or having a thoughtful gift delivered to their door.

3. Host a client appreciation event. Organizing events, like a client appreciation party, is a great way to thank your top-referring clients for their service. Best of all, these events often lead to even more referrals!

The Stacking Effect in Action
When applying the stacking effect to your business strategy, consider the Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes. When you apply this to real estate, it means focusing your lead generation efforts on your most loyal client base. This group might be small, but the results they can provide are mighty.

To effectively focus your efforts on your current relationships, you must consistently go above and beyond in exceeding their expectations. Nurturing your current relationships with the highest quality is key to generating referrals. You’ll need to provide your clients with exceptional service before, during and after a transaction. By doing this, you’ll stand out in their minds, making them more likely to promote you within their own social circles.

Set your business up for success and let Buffini & Company handle your marketing. Referral Maker® PRO Membership includes an award-winning CRM, monthly marketing kit, business networking opportunities and a community of top-producing real estate agents who leverage the stacking effect to build a steady stream of leads and set a solid foundation for their business.

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