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Discover the Power of the Personal Note

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Handwritten personal notes were a fundamental part of Brian Buffini’s real estate business and they continue to be a fundamental part of his business and success today.

We provide our clients with 50 blank note cards per month so they can acknowledge the people they encounter that have an impact on their lives and businesses.  A hand-written note will give you the opportunity to connect with those people and make a deposit in their “emotional account.”  It also sets you apart from the competition by demonstrating the level of care and service you provide.

Print and hangup the Top 6 Reasons to Write Personal Notes to remind you when, why, and to whom to write your notes.

The Power of the Personal Note by Coach Kelly Snyder is a fantastic blog post to give you deeper insight into why notes as so important.

“Nothing in my career took less time, cost less money, and produced bigger results than notes.”  Brian Buffini

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