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Using Motivational Podcasts to Strengthen Client Relationships

To find success in working by referral, you’ve got to stick to the three Cs: Contact, Care and Community. This normally involves calling clients, writing notes and sending small appreciation gifts. But there’s another great way to build community among your top people without a face-to-face visit: sharing a great motivational podcast!

Have you ever listened to an awesome podcast and walked away feeling inspired, motivated and encouraged to achieve your next set of goals? Or, perhaps there was something you heard that resonated with a “season” you are experiencing in life. Here are three ways sharing that podcast with clients will help you connect with them more deeply.

Start a Conversation

This time of uncertainty may cause more anxiety for those agents who are nervous to make calls to their clients. You know you should call your database, but you’re at a loss for what to talk about. Consider the person you are about to call and see if there’s a favorite motivational podcast episode that resonated with you. By sharing what you heard on a podcast, you are providing clients with a resource while also sending a weekly reminder of your character, affirming why you are the best agent out there.

Circle Back  After a Conversation

Sharing a podcast is the perfect way to reinitiate a conversation you had with a client. As you establish relationships with the folks in your database, you start to learn and remember their interests. For some, it might be business and finances. For others, it might be sports or entertainment. Whatever it is that interests your clients, be on the lookout for a podcast episode that relates. If you finish an episode and think one of your clients will enjoy it, share it with them!

Encourage Your Clients

Ever finish a conversation with a client who shared a personal story? As you know, you aren’t just helping your clients buy and sell their homes—you can also become a confidant or trusted advisor. Seek out positive podcasts with mindsets, motivation and methodologies meant to help others succeed, and share those as encouragement. If you hear something that may help one of your clients who’s going through a tough time, share it with them. The next time you are listening to a great motivational podcast, think about who could benefit from the episode, and share it with them. Passing along helpful, thoughtful information will not only keep you top of mind as a real estate agent, but also make you stand out from the crowd. If you need an excellent podcast recommendation, try out The Brian Buffini Show. With new episodes out each Tuesday, this podcast explores the mindsets, motivation and methodologies of success to help you and your clients thrive.

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