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Your Journey to Lifelong Learning Starts Now

When I immigrated to America nearly 30 years ago, a mentor introduced me to a space that would change my life: personal growth and development.

I began attending seminars where I sat listening to inspirational speakers like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and Lou Holtz. As each one described how they thrived in life, I made the conscious decision to follow their lead and become a student of success.

Now for more than 30 years, I have committed to growth and learning by reading and studying constantly from those who have achieved greatness. It’s even why I launched my motivational podcast, “The Brian Buffini Show,” which explores the mindsets, motivations and methodologies of success.

This exploration of personal growth has been the cornerstone of my success as a business leader, and it’s become a passion of mine to invite others to join me on this journey.

Roadblocks to Success  

We all aspire to grow, but oftentimes we encounter a few obstacles that sidetrack us on the road to success.

When we’re doing okay in business and life, it’s easy to stay where we are instead of making the effort to improve. And in this instant-gratification world, if we aren’t seeing immediate results after making a few changes, we tend to get impatient.

It’s also difficult to maintain consistency on our personal growth journeys with busy schedules and other distractions.

These roadblocks to success often discourage us from lifelong learning and leave us feeling frustrated. However, when you push past these obstacles, you begin to achieve greatness.

The Path to Lifelong Learning

There are a few strategies you can implement to start your journey toward lifelong learning today!

Commit to Growth

If you give into the comfort of your current skill level or fail to commit time and energy to improving your skills, it is impossible to reach new heights. Devote yourself to constant improvement and success will follow.

Focus on the Fundamentals

Keep the momentum of your personal and professional growth going strong by constantly revisiting your fundamentals and brushing up on your skills. If you have a solid foundation, you’ll keep growing and learning in the right way.

Keep Up Your Energy

If you start to feel weary on this journey, make sure you know how to recharge your batteries and get fired up again! The best way to boost your energy, passion and spirits is by listening to motivational speakers and consuming positive media. Constantly seek out ways to keep positive influences flowing into your life!

To guide you on this journey to lifelong learning, I encourage you to check out my podcast, “The Brian Buffini Show.” Each week, I release new episodes that inspire, empower and inform growth-minded professionals on their way to the top. Start listening today! 

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