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3 tips to make your emails more valuable

Get more eyes on your emails every time with these best practices

Every day, more than one hundred emails hit the average person’s inbox. Spoiler alert: most are deleted.

By this point, consumers are basically programmed to trash any emails that look like an ad. Messages with generic subject lines, impersonal content and spammy offers just don’t make the cut when you’re deciding what deserves a full read in your crowded inbox.

So how can you make sure your emails aren’t sent to the trash upon receipt? Simply stated: they need to stand out. Here are a few strategies to get more eyes on your emails every time.

Incorporate video
In this marketplace, one of the strongest ways to make your emails stand out is by leveraging the power of video. According to one survey, 81% of business owners who included video in their emails received more replies. On top of that, 68% reported more conversions and 56% saw more referrals.

Video is a highly effective tool for creating more engaging emails that your clients will actually view. Personalize the content to that client and keep a conversational tone. For best results, embed your clips right into emails. The new Video Messaging add-on in Referral Maker® CRM makes it easy to create and send videos to your clients, as well as track performance.

Provide value
If you’re constantly sending generic sales emails, your clients are going to start tuning you out. They’ve already got an inbox full of promotions, and they don’t need another one.

To avoid this, prioritize value-add messaging. When you sit down to plan a marketing email, ask yourself how the piece can benefit your customers. For example, you might send them a breakdown of the latest real estate trends, smart savings strategies, or tips on how to get their home ready for summer.

Emails that teach the client something new won’t just strengthen your open rates — they’ll also strengthen your relationship with that individual, which can lead to more referrals down the line. You can still send traditional sales emails occasionally, but they shouldn’t make up most of your sends.

Be consistent
Whatever you send, make sure to keep it consistent. By sending your emails on the same day around the same time, your clients know when to look out for them. In fact, they’ll probably be looking forward to receiving that communication from you!

How often you choose to send your emails depends on your goals. It’s typical to sort clients into different campaigns depending on where they’re at on their buying/selling journey. No matter how you choose to organize your leads, ensure that you’re keeping communication consistent across all your campaigns for best results.

When you send consistent, engaging emails that provide clients with value, your contacts will always feel the love — and so will your lead generation efforts! To help you run professional, organized real estate email campaigns that get results, check out Referral Maker CRM from Buffini & Company. This productivity tool now offers Video Messaging* add-on, so you can personalize your emails and stand out in a crowded inbox. Try Referral Maker CRM with a 30-day free trial.


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