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Create Your Personal Brand Message in 3 Simple Steps

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need a strong personal brand to stand out from the crowd. No matter how you plan to work in real estate—as an individual, with a team or in your own brokerage—you must consider what your professional name and reputation will stand for. Here are the steps you can take to create a personal brand message that will position you head and shoulders above the competition:

Step One: Discover
Discover how you show up in the world and how that affects your experiences with family, friends and potential clients, and ask yourself a few thoughtful questions. For example:

– Why do I work in real estate?
– What am I the proudest of?
– What do I want to be known for?
– How do I add value to my clients?
– How do I want to make people feel?

In replying, be authentic and choose words and phrases that describe who you are, not who you think you should be. Remember, our unique qualities are what make us great. Choosing how we position them makes us even more valuable to others.

Step Two: Develop
Next, choose from the words and phrases that you wrote to create a personal description that best identifies what you represent. This is what makes you unique and will differentiate you from others. Remember to use an emotional descriptor along with a tangible skill-based attribute. People communicate in different ways, and you want to be able to connect with both aesthetic and pragmatic communication styles. For example, you could describe yourself as “reliable, resourceful and a great negotiator,” or “attentive, accurate and by your side.”

Step Three: Deliver
Once you’ve perfected your personal brand message and are confident that it clearly communicates what you do and how you do it, it’s time to deliver. Wherever you connect with your clients—mail, email, social media or your website—be sure to include your brand message. Bear in mind, too, that actions speak louder than words—must always deliver a great in-person customer service experience that is inspired by your personal brand.

When you’re clear on your personal brand message, share your story. Recall situations where you embodied your brand. These personal stories will help both existing clients and future prospects to understand you, connect with you and visualize exactly how you can help them find their dream home.

To develop a strong personal brand, you need to discover and define the unique combination of skills and experiences that makes your business special. Buffini & Company Referral Maker PRO is a one-stop real estate marketing shop that includes everything you need to grow your business and create the personal brand message that will help you achieve phenomenal success. Schedule your free business consultation today!

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