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How real estate team leaders can gain a competitive edge

While there are numerous factors that go into leading a successful real estate team, one that you absolutely must utilize is a value proposition. Identifying your value proposition and putting it into action will make your business stand out and keep your agents happy, productive and loyal. It’s an essential component in taking your team to the next level.

What Is a Value Proposition?

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered, communicated and acknowledged. It is a statement that summarizes why a consumer (or in this case, a real estate agent) should choose your product or service. It sets you apart in a competitive market and communicates why agents should want to work for you.

When creating yours, take into consideration your office culture, your leadership style and how you want your team to interact with each other and their clients. This will help cement your brand identity and allow you to determine what makes your business special. Try answering these questions to get started:

• Why should an agent want to join my team?
• What do I provide?
• What makes my business unique?
• How can I set my team apart from others?

How to Show Agents Your Value

Once you’ve defined your value proposition, you need to put it into action. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a culture of growth and development. Offer proven and effective training programs that educate your team on how to generate more leads, close more sales and, ultimately, increase their income. This allows your team to sharpen their skills, and it demonstrates your commitment to their success—all while improving your bottom line. Remember, a successful team is comprised of agents who love working for you because you provide a unique level of value compared to other opportunities.

Be Selective and Consistent

Ensure that the training you provide is relevant and select the right program for whatever stage in their career your agents are in. For example, if the agents on your team are newly licensed, you’ll want a real estate training program for new agents to master the fundamentals.

It’s also vital that you offer training courses consistently. Training shouldn’t just be a one-and-done thing. Create a training schedule and commit to it, whether it be once a month, once a quarter or once a year. When going through a training program, aim to bring everyone together, even if it’s remotely, to discuss the content. This opens the door for bouncing around ideas or addressing any areas of confusion. Plus, it makes them more likely to retain everything they learn. Proving to your team that you care about their professional growth by continually offering valuable training will build agent loyalty.

To build and retain a winning team, you’ve got to figure out what makes you different from the competition. A solid value proposition will elevate your team and take your business to new heights. To help make leading your team to success even easier, check out this free real estate training development calendar. It guides you on exactly when to lead training throughout the year and what to focus on each quarter.

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