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How to throw a client appreciation party — and why you’ll want to

Nurture important relationships and have fun along the way! Here’s what to do.

When was the last time you thanked a client for their business? Between balancing transactions and navigating a historic real estate market, client appreciation can become the first plate to drop.

However, in this relational industry, acknowledging, appreciating, and celebrating your best clients is a key part of real estate lead generation — and it should remain a top priority!

If it’s been a while since you last thanked a top-referring client, have no fear! You can get back on track by celebrating all your best people with a client appreciation party.

Get this party started
Real estate client appreciation parties are a way to show your top-referring clients that you are grateful for the business they send you. When you celebrate these folks, they are more inclined to refer you in the future and work with you again. You are nurturing these critical client relationships while having some fun along the way! In fact, agents often leave these parties with several new referrals that amount to thousands of dollars down the line.

Choosing a celebration style
There’s more than one way to throw a client party! Choose a model that best matches the comfort level of yourself and your top clients. Here are some great options.

Outdoor — Take advantage of the warm weather by hosting an outdoor event. Barbeques are a great way to gather top clients together for food, fun, and games. Consider choosing a park, your backyard, or the lawn of your office. Organize catering or set up a grill station. Games like cornhole, volleyball, or Spike Ball are great for all ages. If you have access to a projector and a blank wall, screen a movie for some additional entertainment!

Virtual — Online client parties offer tremendous flexibility since attendees can participate from the comfort of their own homes. Activities like a cooking class are a great way to keep participants engaged! Call up a chef in your database to lead the course — this is also an opportunity for them to promote their own business. Drop off the supplies to each attendee beforehand, and ensure they know how to access the video conferencing link.

Reverse Pop-By — Invite your clients to come to you to collect a gift and hang out if they choose! Distribute some goodies, whether it’s a pie around Thanksgiving, a “Fall Fun” basket, or a back-to-school survival kit for the families. Set up at your home or office. Clients can drive up and collect their items and possibly stick around for a chat. Throw on some music and offer light refreshments just in case!

No matter which type of party you choose, remember to follow up with a note that thanks each client for attending. This is the icing on the appreciation cake, and could lead to more referrals!

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