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Kath McDermot - Business Builder

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Celebrating her sixth year in the real estate industry, Kathy McDermott—a former interior designer—understands the importance of investing in both herself and her business. “It didn’t take me long to realize that I could find success as a real estate professional, but I needed to get some systems in place,” says McDermott, who decided that she needed a coach to guide her along the way—a decision that led her directly to Buffini & Company’s One2One Coaching™ program.

A huge proponent of continuing education, and the knowledge and content that come along with it, McDermott notes that Buffini & Company was ultimately the best choice for her due to the fact that they’re a relationship-based business.

Having experienced her best year ever in the midst of a global pandemic, McDermott credits her continued success with putting in the work and taking the action steps necessary to achieve both her personal and professional goals.

Never one to rest on her laurels, McDermott recently kicked things up a notch with Buffini’s 100 Days to Greatness training program.

A comprehensive, step-by-step training program developed and taught by industry legend Brian Buffini, the course guides real estate professionals through proven systems to launch their real estate careers.

“Developed by those who have found success with the working by referral system, 100 Days to Greatness provides proven, real-world advice for busy REALTORS®,” says McDermott, who goes on to explain that her coach is the one who introduced her to the innovative training program.

“While it’s designed for new agents just getting into the business, it’s also great for those who are looking to polish their skills,” adds McDermott, a REALTOR® with HomeSmart Realty Group in Orland Park, Illinois.

Going through the program with four goal-oriented colleagues, McDermott notes that moving through the course together was the key to holding one another accountable while staying focused on her business and growing her knowledge.

“100 Days to Greatness reinforced our working by referral skills,” says McDermott. “And while buyer presentations are priceless, listings are where it’s at in today’s market. But you have to take the course if you want to learn the secret ingredient to listings!”

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, the powerful combination of coaching and training offered by Buffini & Company has helped McDermott set the stage for a rewarding career.

“100 Days to Greatness has helped me reinforce how to serve clients, which was critical at the height of the pandemic when it was all about making that phone call, checking in, serving the client and leading with my heart,” explains McDermott.

But it doesn’t end there. In fact, McDermott is committed to sharing her knowledge with other real estate agents, teaching them the fundamentals associated with working by referral—all of which she learned through 100 Days to Greatness.

“The system works whether you’re a brand-new or seasoned agent,” says McDermott, who encourages those who may not be taking advantage of the 100 Days to Greatness training program to invest in both themselves and their businesses.

“Take that little bit of money and invest your time in your business and yourself,” concludes McDermott. “The system works, and if you do the work, you’ll get the results.”

To learn more about how 100 Days to Greatness helped McDermott expand her business, watch her full story at www.buffiniandcompany.com/kathym.


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