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Is Your Real Estate CRM Working For You or Against You?

Your real estate CRM is an important tool. When it works, it’s invaluable. If it doesn’t, it may stifle your progress. Here’s how you can ensure your real estate CRM is keeping your daily activities on track, so you can increase your income and live the good life!

A good real estate CRM should be much more than just a database. To really be effective, your CRM must bring every record you have to life. Referral Maker® CRM from Buffini & Company is specially designed to help you rank all of your relationships based on how likely a client is to refer you to others. With this information on hand, you can easily identify your A+ clients. Everyone has limited resources of time and energy, so knowing who to focus on means you can more effectively build strong relationships with your best customers and create a business that lasts.

Lead Generation
A great CRM has technology that tells you exactly what you need to do each day in order to generate top-quality leads. Referral Maker® CRM gives you a dashboard of customized to-dos so you always know who to call, who to visit and who to write a note to. When you know exactly what you need to do every day to meet your income goals, you’re always ahead of the game.

Real Estate Marketing
Your real estate CRM should give you the tools to put your marketing on autopilot. With Referral Maker® CRM  you can create impactful email and print marketing campaigns. Even better, since each relationship is already ranked based on the likelihood of referral, it will tell you exactly who to send those value-adding communications to. No more marketing to the masses means much more powerful and targeted campaigns.

Business Goals
To be successful, you need a set of goals to work toward—and the right action steps to get you there. Referral Maker® CRM encourages you to input income goals before anything else—this way, the system can ensure that everything you do moves you closer to where you want to be. For example, the CRM will ask you to enter an income goal along with your tax rate, splits, commission amount, business expenses and current sales volume. It will then calculate the amount you need to earn to reach your goal, and how many closed transactions it’ll take to get there. This gives you a clear picture of exactly how much you need to make to achieve your goal.

Data Tracking
Unless you can clearly track your progress, you have no real idea where you are or how far you’ve come. Make sure your CRM can produce comprehensive analysis of your real estate lead generation results and income goals. Having access to this data in one place will help you evaluate the steps you need to take and the improvements you need to make to get to where you want to go.

The real estate CRM you choose must organize your business in a way that makes it future-proof. Referral Maker® CRM from Buffini & Company lets agents add their database, get organized and generate more leads based on the proven Working by Referral System. Why not try it for free today!

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