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If you want to succeed in real estate, great marketing is essential. Your marketing allows you to stay at the top of your clients’ minds so when they hear someone say they’re thinking of buying or selling a home, they think to refer you. To be effective, you have to do more than send a postcard with your photo and information on it; you have to provide value as well. When you provide value to your clients, even when you’re not currently working with them on a transaction, you build strong relationships with them. The key is consistency—you must consistently provide value to your clients through thoughtful monthly marketing campaigns. But, who has the time to create topical information each month when you’re busy leading a thriving real estate business? That’s where Referral Maker® PRO comes in.

Every month, we send Referral Maker PRO Members the Referral Maker Marketing Kit, which is filled with the Marketing Flyers and note cards you need to market your business and reinforce your character and competence. Additionally, members can access the month’s corresponding cover letter, eReport and more through Referral Maker® CRM. All of these pieces not only remind your clients of your expertise, they also give you the opportunity to reach out to your clients to say hello, listen for a need to fill or just remind them you’re never too busy for their referrals.

Step 1: Mail your Marketing Flyers. The Marketing Flyers are professionally written and designed to provide topical information that may interest your client. They’re easily sharable, so your client can pass the information to family or friends who may find it interesting as well. Sending your flyers each month, along with the corresponding cover letter, serves to reinforce your position as the real estate expert and advocate for your clients.

Step 2: Send the eReport. The eReport, available on Referral Maker CRM, is specifically designed to complement the marketing flyer in both look and content. Use it as a way to follow up with your clients while giving them the opportunity to contact you by replying to your email.

Step 3: Give them a call. Following up with your clients not only ensures they received the items you sent; it gives you the chance to reconnect and see what’s new in their lives. Depending on the topic of the marketing flyer you sent, you may have the opportunity to tap into your knowledge and experience to elaborate, ask them if they’re thinking of buying or selling or connect them with a reputable service or tradesperson in your network. Think of your marketing as your opportunity to reinforce your professionalism each month through value and contact.

Step 4: Follow up with a personal note. Each month’s kit contains 50 note cards to send to your clients to follow up after a phone call, meeting or your marketing items. A hand-written personal note does more than show your clients you care; it also sets you apart from your competition. Send notes to the businesses you work with in your local area to show them how much you appreciate their business and referrals.

Step 5: Get face-to-face with your best clients. Show your top referring clients how much you appreciate their referrals by dropping off a small gift to their home or office. It doesn’t need to be lavish or expensive; just a small token of appreciation to show you care. Download the appropriate Pop-By tag to affix to the item and call ahead of time to ensure your client will be around when you drop by.

You have a growing business to run—let us handle your marketing materials! Click here for more information about Referral Maker PRO and sign up today.

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