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Recharge, Refocus and Reset With a Motivational Podcast

These are unprecedented times we face during the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. Yet despite negative news cycles and the tough state of the stock market, we know that the real estate market is on a strong foundation, according to Dr. Lawrence Yun of the National Association of REALTORS®. Plus, we’ve seen communities come together to support one another however they can in ways that are safe and healthy. So, even though times are tough, there are sources of information that can keep spirits lifted in a time of trouble.

One way to stay positive right now is through a motivational podcast. Oftentimes these podcasts provide quick bursts of motivation, inspiration and information to keep you going when times get tough. Here’s how the right podcast will help you recharge, refocus and reset in your own business and life.

Right now, you might be spending your days at home watching the kids while also working on your real estate lead generation. Between fielding calls with clients and trying to explain long division to your eight-year-old, these days are crazy—and you haven’t even left the house! Like a flight attendant, you must secure your own oxygen mask first before helping others. Let a motivational podcast be your oxygen—listen to recharge your batteries during these stressful times. Try coupling it with a run or a drive to the grocery store. No matter how you squeeze it in, make that time to recharge for the next day. 

When your brain is being pulled in a million different directions, it’s tough to focus on any one priority. However, the content in the right motivational podcast should hook you in a way that narrows it all down. Episodes will provide you with tools to get organized, build a better business and achieve long-term success. The strategies they present should be timeless—useful in any market. At the end of the episode, you will walk away refocused and ready to tackle your next challenge.

The world has a lot going on right now, and emotions are running high. In times of great stress, it’s easy to let our impurities rise to the surface—those negative qualities we’d rather keep hidden. When you find yourself coming to an emotional boil, try listening to a motivational podcast to cool you down. This content is uplifting, positive and good for the soul. Listening to an episode is a great way to take some time to wipe the slate clean and put some positivity in your mind. You’ll feel like a brand-new person, ready to take on anything.

Looking for the right motivational podcast to dive into so you can recharge while social distancing? Listen to The Brian Buffini Show podcast. New episodes are out every Tuesday with inspirational content to keep you moving forward. Plus, bonus episodes out every Thursday feature exclusive interviews with industry experts who add much-needed context to these unprecedented times. Start recharging your batteries with the latest episode today!

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